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I hope that they make them in smaller sizes but other than that my nephew used them and i had no struggle to put his diaper on way easier! I have a smaller than average boy, he was born early, the regular pull ups were too big so we tried these in size 3. Check them out. They also are very absorbing and worth the extra money over cheaper brands! So this is why I gave them 3 stars because they worked well for my daughter but not my son. Now, we have no worries with Pampers! Show your: 1 0. It makes no sense, it is almost impossible getting this diaper up if your kid can't stand on their own. The fit is a great name because they really do fit snugly all the way around the diaper. Before I swapped to these diapers, my son would always pull his diaper off. We started with the newborn sized and are currently in size 4s. These diapers never come apart and as I said they keep him super dry. These pamper cruisers do what they say. No mess!

Soft and gentle for baby skin. Contact Us. I've found that they do really well, especially at night. My toddler has chubby thighs that chafed easily in diapers. Ive always used pampers swaddlers but once they start walking this is the next best step pampers cruisers for the walking and climbing and getting into messes.

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I would switch from Huggies and Pampers which ever was on sale. Pampers Cruisers are the best diapers I have used. They were extremely difficult to get over my baby's chucky, roley poley thighs. While he can still pull these down, he just doesn't do it unless he is trying to go potty on the toilet. My older son has been using these since he started preschool in September and we received a box of these due to a delivery mistake. They are greatfor teaching her how to pull her pants up and down. I feel that these are also a good precursor to potty training, since they go on like underwear. The cruisers made both of these things easier with the wrap-around design that goes on like underwear. Continued to use them as the fit was great and leak proof. I have been using pampers diapers for over 8 years.

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  • Before I swapped to these diapers, my son would always pull his diaper off.
  • Highly recommend mamas.
  • Ever since my little one became independent he is always constantly moving around and with all the moving around he used pampers cruisers get a lot of leaks in the diapers I used to use but when I switch this brand of diapers it was like heaven no more leaks and it fits my baby perfectly with all his movements I don't even leave indents in his skin like the pampers cruisers one did from the constant moving his old diapers used to give them rashes but not these all the rashes are gone no more rashes at all because he's always dry and it always fits properly it's like it moves with him.
  • I would definitely recommend giving these a try, especially for kids that take their traditional diapers off!
  • It could be because my baby has very chucky legs, pampers cruisers, but these diapers did not work for us.
  • Given its still not perfect but I think Ive tried almost every diaper out there, even adult smalls.

Pampers Cruisers FIT diapers. Pampers is proud to introduce Pampers Cruisers FIT diapers, the no-tape diaper pants that feature a comfortable all-around stretchy waistband that adapts to every wild move a baby makes and is easy to pull on — just like a yoga pant for babies. Along with being specially designed for the most active babies, Cruisers FIT diapers also feature fun graphics and trusted Pampers protection. The Pampers cruisers fit offer great protection, your child can wear them all night long without having to worry about leaks. I also love that they didn't cause my child to have a reaction he has sensitive skin so he can so he gets rashes from some diapers. The fit is a great name because they really do fit snugly all the way around the diaper. Was this review helpful? Show your: 1 0. These diapers are super soft and stretchy! I was happily surprised at how well they held their shape and contained the mess. The tab on the back is nice for rolling up a soiled diaper. I wasn't a huge fan of having to rip the diaper at diaper changes and I do think they fit bulkier than traditional diapers. For the current price point, I can't say they add that much to the diaper changing game that I would recommend them to others. Show your: 0 0. When using the Pampers I would definitely tell parents to think about choosing a smaller size for their child's just because they are such a comfortable and stretch fit diaper.

Contact Us. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Pampers Cruisers Diapers, Size 6. Add to Cart. Add to Registry, pampers cruisers. Give your baby our best protection and pampers cruisers Pampers diapers give baby up to 12 hours of protection, so your baby stays dry and comfortable. Pampers Cruisers are designed to move with your baby by adapting at the pampers cruisers, legs, and bottom. Less bulk than Pampers Baby Dry means they can play freely, with a close fit to their bottom.

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Is my baby is pampers cruisers me too!! I was happily surprised at how well they held their shape and contained the mess.

Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers- Which is better? (Which one is worth it?)

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